We at Manterfield Builders can provide you with your dream house extension and give you that extra space you need. Whether your new extension needs to provide you with an extra bedroom, bathroom, storage, office or Kitchen space we are here to help. The cost of house extensions can be offset by the financial and emotional costs that would have been involved in moving house. In most cases to move properties you will have to pay for stamp duty, removal fees and solicitors fees for buying and selling and also run the gauntlet of the chain breaking down by someone failing to get the finances in place or someone deciding they don’t want to sell.

To move from a £100,000 2 bed terraced house to a £200,000 3 bed semi detached property could cost £6000 in duties and fees plus removal fees. To move from a £200,000 semi to a £350,000 detached to gain an extra bedroom and larger kitchen could cost around £16,000 in duties and fees without the removal men.

But more importantly home is where the heart is and many people do not want to move home they simply have to due to space constraints There can be many things to consider before starting on house extensions such as costs, planning permission and building regulations. From an initial site visit we can help and advise you every step of the way. We can appoint an architect if you don’t already have plans or simply work from ones you supply.

In 2008, the government revised the planning regulations. Allowing more household projects to go ahead without the need to apply for planning permission. The new rules don’t mean that you can just build or extend whatever you feel like. It’s still important to follow house extension guidelines on size, design and position. If you are unsure on the need for planning permission you can contact your local planning office. They will tell you if planning permission is needed or not. It’s still always worth getting it in writing even if your property doesn’t need it.

Also remember, if you live in a listed building, then your rights are different You will need to check with your local authority when you are thinking of extending.

A very good website is the planning portal this is very informative.