Tips & Advice

After we have provided quotation we can find a past similar project to the one you are considering and make arrangements so you can directly contact this customer with any queries you may have for your own peace of mind Alternatively another good suggestion is for you to visit site whilst our work is in progress and speak with current customers and view our methods as projects are progressing If you wish to e mail your plans to us we can view them and in many cases provide you with a quotation from viewing the plans alone, alternatively we can arrange a site visit if you prefer.

With any work if there are alternative methods or products that we could use then we will give you the option after all it is our build and you need to be 110% happy with it From our initial visit we can get the feel for your build therefore if it is a modern contemporary build we can advise on modern minimalistic looks like glass, chrome, creating a family room where a kitchen becomes a communal area or bi fold doors where inside and outside areas become one Or the option of a traditional build we where we are keeping the character of an existing property working with older type bricks, oak, natural slate, parquet flooring Or even a mixture of old and new together has been known to look dramatic and effective But in any case we endeavour to create a look as bespoke as possible

There can be many things to consider before starting on house extensions such as costs, planning permission and building regulations. From an initial site visit we can help and advise you every step of the way. We can appoint an architect if you don’t already have plans or simply work from ones you supply.

In 2008, the government revised the planning regulations. Allowing more household projects to go ahead without the need to apply for planning permission.

The new rules don’t mean that you can just build or extend whatever you feel like. It’s still important to follow house extension guidelines on size, design and position. If you are unsure on the need for planning permission you can contact your local planning office. They will tell you if planning permission is needed or not. It’s still always worth getting it in writing even if your property doesn’t need it.

Also remember, if you live in a listed building, then your rights are different You will need to check with your local authority when you are thinking of extending.

A very good website is the planning portal this is very informative.